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Equipment / Capabilities


Up to 300 Ton VMC up to 20x40 Multi-Slides
Max Bed 84x48 Bridgeport Mills Four-Slides
Servo Feeds 32"W NC Grinders Diacro Benders
Up to 120 spm NC Lathes Air Benders

Dies In Use:

Progressive Single Station Auto-Sensored
Blanking Compound In-Die Tapping
Draw Coin Rivet
Deep Draw Slide Form  

Additional Process Capabilities:

Spot-Welding Tapping Deburring
Soldering Riveting Part Washing
MIG/TIG Welding Engraving Packaging

Current Capabilities Thru Sub-Contract Partners:

Zinc Plating E-Coat Heat-Treating
Hot Dip Galvanizing Epoxy Coating Austempering
Powder Coating Tin Plating Production Grinding
Chrome Plating Thread Rolling Laser Cutting

Quality Assurance:

Acme uses computerized measuring equipment and standardized gauges to evaluate the integrity and stability of our processes and output. Statistical Process Controls are also available in order to meet a broad range of quality standards.

Engineering Assistance:

Acme engineers, technicians, and craftsmen are available as an experienced resource for design and troubleshooting of experimental, prototype, and hard-to-build metal formed products.  Computerized CAD and computerized indicators are at hand to assist our staff in product development.

Inventory Management & Lean Manufacturing

Extensive experience with KANBAN and other supplier process and pull systems.

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